Thursday, July 12, 2018

Common Ground Art, Data, and Ecology at New York State Field Stations

"This report assesses the potential for collaboration in New York State between the arts and field stations: places and programs where scientific researchers conduct long-term studies of diverse ecosystems. It provides an overview of how and where this transdisciplinary work is currently taking place, and makes recommendations to advance this effort across the state. It seeks to encourage further opportunities for artists that, when combined with environmental research, can aid community development and quality of life by advancing awareness of social-ecological systems: how people use, perceive, and shape our environment."
The report finds that art/science collaboration at field stations is powerful, and advances a series if recommendations in 3 emphasis areas:

1). Advance existing art residencies at field stations: These programs would benefit from support for planning and implementation of programs; evaluation; and connection to national gatherings and conversations.

2). Share information and best practices from across the field: a centralized and accessible information resource—including case studies, best practices, documentation, and a directory of representative artists—would help field stations conceptualize programs and make the case for support within their institutions and externally, and in NYS and beyond, spread documentation of the transformative outcomes of this work.

3). Create formal and informal opportunities for crosssector networking: Our convening demonstrated the value of cross-sector dialogue, and underscored the need for more such opportunities including facilitated conversations between field stations, regional art and science salons, a statewide conference, and a data, art, and environment working group.

Read the entire report here

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