Sunday, November 2, 2014

Science and creativity

From Nancy Lowe:

"I'm attaching an inspiring article by Robert and Michelle Root-Bernstein, who have been studying art-science creativity for a couple of decades (he is MacArthur Fellow from way back). The article points out that those scientists who do really innovative, paradigm-shifting work, the Nobel winners, etc., have one thing in common. They make art!" 
" mentioned that the group is searching for the purpose of art at field stations - here's an interesting new argument - that it augments creativity in general and can give scientists a fresh view of their own work. The second article I'm sending is a great summary of trends in science communication, including using the arts, put together by a bunch of movers and shakers from many arenas - online science communication, science festivals, Cafe Scientifique, art-science, and others."
Be sure to also check out Nancy's art-science blog, symbASA.

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