Friday, July 3, 2015

MDI Biological Lab Art Meets Science Exhibitions

From their website:

The MDI Biological Laboratory’s fourth annual Art Meets Science exhibit takes place summer 2015 at its Salisbury Cove campus. “Is It Art or Is It Science?” focuses on works that were created to be either artistic or scientific, or both, and which reflect the research interests of the Institution’s scientists.

“Both artists and scientists use creativity and the discovery process to create images of the world,” says Bonnie Gilfillan, who directs the Art Meets Science program. “You can’t always tell whether something was produced for scientific or artistic purposes. We’re interested in works that blur the boundaries between these disciplines.”...

Science and art describe the world to us and offer new ways of understanding the diverse and complex realities of life. Both share a rich history of discovery and the search for truth. Each is a tangible, physical endeavor; each relies on abstraction.

--Thanks to Leslie Ryan for the link!

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