Thursday, July 2, 2015

Conference Report: "Art as a Way of Knowing", March 3-4, 2011 at the San Francisco Exploratorium

In 2011, the San Francisco Exploratorium hosted a NSF-funded conference called "Art as a Way of Knowing".
The organizers, "wanted to know how the arts expand our engagement and understanding of the natural and social worlds...The premise of "Art as a Way of Knowing" was that art is a fundamental part of being human, and that learning in and through the arts is a serious form of interacting with the world by engaging with its questions, formulating ideas, and deepening knowledge."
The purpose of the conference was to gather a broad range of artists, scientists, and educators to explore the history, practice, and value of the arts as a means of inquiring into the natural world. The conference brought together some 125 leading international thinkers—representing work in education, art and science museums, contemporary art, and interdisciplinary research.

Download the full report.

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