Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Engaging the arts in field station collections

From the Florida Museum of Art and Culture:
"Science Bugs celebrates local ecology and research by exploring insects using three kinds of representation. 
Tim Lethbridge’s photography captures moments of insects “in the field,” giving us a glimpse into their lives and ecological roles. 
Dustin Angell’s studio-like photographic portraits offer an intimate view of specimens from scientific collections, highlighting the structures of their bodies and the scientific research related to them. 
Dr. Mark Deyrup’s scientific drawings of insects reveal the defining traits of species, and show how entomologists need standardized and highly detailed depictions of insects. 
Through these three artists, Science Bugs gives viewers a look at an important part of ecology as well as the methods of how insects are studied."
Archbold Biological Field Station provided the insect specimens.

Update from Hilary:

"and even better

Our education coordinator took the startling black photos – Dustin Angell and our bug biologist Mark did the drawings – so cool


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