Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Ecological Reflections-NSF 2013 Meeting Notes

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Ecological Reflections Program of Arts-Humanities-Science Collaborations
 at Sites of Long-Term Ecological Inquiry
Notes from May 9, 2013 Meeting at NSF

Notes from the May 9, 2013, meeting at NSF hosted by Saran Twombly plus additional perspectives from recent email from NEA about May Events, SEAD (Network for Sciences, Engineering, Arts, and Design), and ArtWorks grants; plus some cruising of agency webpages.  Consequently, these notes contain some perspectives that were not articulated at the May 9 meeting.

Meeting attendees: 
NSF:  Saran Twombly, Penny Firth, Gayle Pugh
NEA:  Bill O’Brien, Margaret Glass (museums)
NEH:  Eva Caldera
US Forest Service/Research: Mark Twery, Fred Swanson
Botanical Society (and scientific societies in general):  Claire Hemingway
CAISE:  Jamie Bell

Background:  Fred reviewed status of the ca. 20 site/program Ecological Reflections network ( of place-based, long-view arts-humanities-science collaborations: general contexts of them, current diversity of activities at site and network scales, objectives, funding needs to sustain and advance programs at the site and network scales, funding agency considerations (e.g., 1.) what sources of funds are available to meet the various needs; 2.) does the Reflections program seek funding need-by-need for appropriate agency sources or can a larger program be defined and funded as a package by multiple sources?).

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