Tuesday, December 12, 2017

"Art & Science: The Two Cultures Converging" December 1-3 2017, Manhattan

This conference brought together over 36 local innovative experts in the fields of science, art, technology, and education who engaged in a series of roundtable discussions on (1) science-art collaboration, (2) STEAM and the future of education, and (3) the multi-directional relationship between science, art, and society. Each of these topics were specifically addressed two times, creating six roundtables total, with unique participants in each round who built off of the previous conversations of all roundtables. The format of spontaneous and generative dialogue was chosen with the aim to evolve a collective conversation over the course of three days, in attempts to gain intellectual progress on the most difficult, interesting, novel, and complex challenges we face as cross-, multi-, inter-, and trans-disciplinary practitioners. 
What can art-science-tech collaborations result in? How do we form new educational models for the 21st century? How do we bridge the gulf between art and science, and between art, science, and society? These are only some of the questions that were addressed by the participants and active audience members.
Watch the first video below, and see the conference website for the other 5 videos.

Opening remarks, and "Science-Art Collaboration Roundtable #1": 

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