Friday, October 28, 2016

How Art, Science and Technology Interact in Southern California

"Southern California and other large cosmopolitan arenas, as places for cultural intersection and memetic alchemy, are where creative economies best flourish and thus evolve."
Los Angeles is a metropolitan area of 15-million people. The city is a cautionary tale about the price of poor planning and car-centric development. But, it is also a locus of creative problem-solving that is reimagining its own structure and drawing in artists and creatives from the impossible rents of San Francisco and New York. The sheer scale of the hybrid art/science activity in this megalopolis is astounding.

As an example, this video by KCET profiles art/science convergence at The Studio at Jet Propulsion Laboratories,

Notable art/science interactions in Los Angeles include:
Plus smaller collectives and non-profits like:

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