Tuesday, May 31, 2016

LABVERDE: Art Immersion Program in the Amazon

LABVERDE is designed for artists and creators who are eager to reflect on nature and landscape. The program will promote an intensive experience in the Amazon rainforest aiming to explore the connection between science, art and the natural environment.

LABVERDE was created to strengthen the limits of art through a broad array of experiences, knowledge sets and cultural perspectives involving art, science and nature. The program main goal is to promote artistic creation through a constructive debate about environmental issues generated by both theory and life experiences in the Amazon rainforest.

The program was developed in association with Manifesta Art and Culture and the National Institute for Amazonian Research. Designed by a multidisciplinary team of highly qualified specialists in arts, humanities, biology, ecology and natural science, LABVERDE aims to allow a deep understanding of the Amazon region and to promote collaborative and innovative art processes.

Exploring the Amazon rainforest, discovering the richness of its biodiversity and understanding its importance for the planet's ecological balance will foster an analytical and critical perspective of issues such as landscape interpretation, nature representation, and the role of art in engaging social-ecological behavior.

Download the 2013 LABVERDE catalog.

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