Thursday, January 8, 2015

Sketches by Nobel Laureates feature in exhibit

"Nobel laureate scientists have made amazing breakthroughs, but most were taken aback when photographer Volker Steger gave each of them a large sheet of paper, a handful of crayons and told them, “Draw your discovery!” Once they put down the crayons, he took a photo of each holding the drawing he or she had made.

The resulting 50 portraits and a selection of the original drawings, complemented by multimedia information, make up the exhibition “Sketches of Science: Photo Sessions with Nobel Laureates” on display Jan. 6-28 at the Mondavi Center for the Performing Arts at the University of California, Davis. This is the first and only planned showing of the exhibition in the United States."

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Thanks to Kathleen Wong for the link.

Interestingly, Nobel winners are “15 to 25 times more likely than the average scientist to engage as an adult in fine arts, such as painting, sculpting, and print making; in crafts, such as wood and metalworking; in performance arts, such as acting and dancing; and in creative writing and poetry.”

The effect holds for STEM students, as well. In addition to outperforming their peers, early and continuing arts and crafts participation by engineers, technical entrepreneurs and innovators is a better predictor of success than childhood economic privilege.

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